Scott Elrod

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Director: Rick Schröder
Written by: Paul A. Birkett (writer), Jason Bourque (co-writer)
Cast: Scott Elrod, Adam Butcher, Amanda Brooks, James A. Woods, Andrew Howard, Olivia Nita, Marius Chivu, Indra Ové, Ana Popescu, Ben Cross, Oltin Hurezeanu, Theodor Danetti, Geanina Varga.
Role: Kleitos
Filming locations: Bucharest and Transalvania Romania
Year of filming: August / September 2008
Air date: July 19, 2009 (Syfy Channel) / DVD: 2010 in some countries
When Kleitos’ (Scott Elrod) jealous friend Theron (James A. Woods) poisons his bride Demetria (Amanda Brooks), the warrior descends into the Underworld to rescue her, slaying the duplicitous Theron. The evil ruler Hades raises Theron from the dead to lead a pack of undying hellhounds, wolf-like guardians who have been released to do the bidding of their master—kill everything in their path and bring Demetria back to Hell.