Scott Elrod

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Director: Terry Cunningham, Dennis Dimster, P. David Ebersole, Alex Wright
Written by: David Coggeshall, Jeff Diaz, Christian Jean, Lori Evans Taylor, Jeremy W. Soule, Nora Zuckerman, Heather Mitchell
Cast: Zack Silva, Eliana Alexander, Kelly Albanese, Michelle Belegrin, Vivian Gray, Al Bandiero, Nate Haden, Tanisha Harper, Scott Elrod and others
Role: Daniël Lenton
Filming locations: San Diego, California, USA
Year of filming: 2006
Air date: September 2006
Episode title: multiple episodes
Two brothers, Alex and Louis Thomas, open a small restaurant in New Jersey with their mother, Rita. On their opening night, Louis sleeps with the daughter of a notorious and very ruthless mafia boss, who burns down their home and restaurant, forcing the Thomas family to flee to Los Angeles. There, Alex and Louis find work at a prestigious Beverly Hills restaurant, where they both fall in love with the same woman, Andrea, the beautiful daughter of the restaurant's wealthy owner. This sets off a chain of events and now their lives will never be the same again. As the intrigue mounts, and the mafia is hot on their trail, Alex and Louis are faced with added danger, as the bonds of brotherly love are threatened by betrayal.

Character synopsis:
Daniel Lenton (Scott Elrod) is a handsome, blind piano player at Zavatti. Daniel falls in love with Claudia (Kristen Kerr), Christoph's wife. He discovers that Christoph is cheating on Claudia with Penelope, and must decide whether to tell Claudia...