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CSI: New York

Director: Scott Lautanen
Written by: Zachary Reiter
Cast: Ron Yuan, David Julian Hirsh, Ed Quinn, Larry Poindexter, Laird Macintosh,Todd Stashwick, Francis Guinan, Paul Wesley, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Sonia Segal, Casey McCarthy, Steve Paymer, Lauren Bowles, Leroy Edwards III, John Cappon, Aria Wallace, Renee Darmientom, Scott Elrod
Role: young male
Filming locations: Los Angeles and New York, USA
Year of filming: 2005
Air date: October 2005
Episode title: Grand Murder at Central Station
While investigating the murder of a plastic surgeon, Mac and Hawkes discover that suspects abound since the doctor had pending lawsuits with patients who sued him for millions. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny delve into the world of cuddle parties while tracking the killer of a blind woman found on a Manhattan rooftop. Stella enlists the help of a sculptor to aid her with a facial reconstruction project that will help nab the suspect. Also, Aiden grows frustrated when she's unable to find evidence to finally send a repeat rapist to jail. And, the CSI's lose a member of the team.