Scott Elrod

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From papers / magazines:

"Scott Elrod is very good in the role of Cory. He appears to be an actor who could become a major star if the right role came long. He is able to convey Cory's recovery without making it preachy or unbelievable. If enough people see this film Elrod could move on up the Hollywood ladder." - The Huffington Post

''It's a credit to Elrod that he handles all the curveballs he's thrown in "Home Run" with some style.'' - LA Times

"Scott Elrod is satisfactorily playing a likeable jerk in Home Run. He wears an arrogant swagger for the first act, then convincingly drops his protective armor as Brand picks up the pieces of his broken existence.'' - The Washington Post"

"Actor Scott Elrod’s portrayal of Cory Brand is solid. The emotion and volatility that Elrod brings to his character are genuine and undeniable" - Charisma Magazine


From other actors:

"Scott Elrod, is a very interesting and good new young actor" - Elliot Gould

"Scott Elrod is very easy to work with. You know, he's very eager and such a good spirit. He's one of the nicest, kindest spirits and on set he loves what he does. He loves being an actor"'. - Julie Benz

"Scott Elrod has got a great spirit and such an earnestness about him in regards to the work and it's just really great fun to work with him" - Julie Benz

"Scott Elrod is a lot of fun to work with. That man never has a bad day. He just got a great spirit." - Julie Benz