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Tricks Of A Woman

Director: Todd Norwood
Written by: Richard Lasser, Todd Norwood, Elika Portnoy
Cast: Scott Elrod, Elika Portnoy, Vincent Pastore, Natasha Lyonne, Dennis Lemoine, Carlos Leon, Ashley Wolfe, Jordan Carlos
Role: Rex Waverly
Filming locations: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Year of filming: July / August 2008
Release: April 2009 - DVD release July 2010
Awards: Best Film at the Monaco International Film Festval 2008

Dessi is a shy foreigner who works at a fish market. She’s resigned herself to spending her life chopping fish. On the other end of town, Rex (Scott Elrod) is a high fashion photographer who’s bored with the superficial women surrounding him. He also has quite a thing for gambling, and because of this he’s in debt to his rival photographer, Albert. Albert makes him a bet – he’ll forgive Rex all the money he owes him, on one condition: Rex will turn a girl of Albert’s choosing into a high fashion model. When Albert sees Dessi he insists – this is the girl Rex should change. With a mix of uncertainty and bravado, Rex takes the challenge. Rex takes Dessi under his wings, and teaches her all of the tricks he knows about how to be a beautiful woman. Rex finds that in the course of doing this, he falls in love with Dessi, but worries what will happen if she ever learns the truth.