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The Allure Of Love

Director: Jenny McCarthy
Produced by: Royal Caribbean International
Cast: Jenny McCarthy, Scott Elrod, Charles Malik Whitfield, Courtney Henggeler.
Role: Bradley
Filming locations: On board of Royal Caribbeans' "Allure of the Seas", The Caribbean.
Year of filming: January / February, 2011
Release: March 13, 2011

"The Allure of Love" tells the story of two friends, Jessie (Courtney Henggeler) and Patrick (Charles Malik Whitfield) hatching the perfect plan to get a pair of star-crossed exes back together, Annie (McCarthy) and Bradley (Scott Elrod).
But things go awry when technology gets in the way and the couple engages in a game of online picture posting one-upsmanship. It's an unexpected comedic journey about rekindling romance on the high seas.