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Hard Breakers

Director: Leah Sturgis
Written by: Elain Fogg, Leah Sturgis
Cast: Tia Carrere, Cameron Richardson, Chris Kattan, Alexis Arquette, Stephen Tobolowsky, Tom Arnold, Sophie Monk, Mircea Monroe, Lochlyn Munro, James Kyson-Lee, Adam Gregory, Sticky Fingaz, Mike Foy, Bobby Lee, Christopher Backus, Ryan Doom, Scott Elrod
Role: Bobby
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California USA
Year of filming: April 2008
Release: DVD France July 2010. May 20th 2011 US theatrical release.

Driven by a history of dating pitfalls and frustration with men, Alexis and her best friend Lindsay decide to turn the tables and devise a plan to lure unsuspecting men close enough to knock them out and drag them back to their lair in order to have their needs met. When an absent father and an obsessive ex-boyfriend Bobby (Scott Elrod) force Alexis to confront her issues with men, the girls’ plan goes awry and Alexis falls head over heels in love with one of her male conquests. Lindsay, consumed by her darker nature, continues on the hunt alone, leading to her arrest. In the end, the girls reunite and recognize the strength of their friendship and that ultimately; their own feeling of self worth determines the nature of their relationships with men.